The Archive of Ecologizing Practices
Location: Bangkok
Type: workshop
Status: closed
Year: June - July 2020
Collaborators (y2 students of International Program in Design and Architecture): ....

The Archive of Ecologizing Practices is a Design and Build workshop developed with Year 2 students, aimed to study and fabricate a series of “ecologizing” prototypes embracing specific categories from the field of ecological design.
Students have worked of the following categories: Autonomist (boomed in the 70s, where “autonomy” refers to a system’s organic independence and self-governance, close cycles), Subnaturalist (where “sub natures” like dust, debris, weeds, insects, toxic components, etc. are not marginalized anymore but included in the design discourse), DIY and Hackers  (low tech design posture that considers the pedagogy of self-doing and open cycles as fundamentally sustainable), Non Human (affirming that design should accommodate more types of life than merely human, like animals), and Contextualist (looking at heterogeneous and vernacular forms of local practices).

Students approached a few relevant examples and derived an archive of materials, construction details, joints, systems, structural choices, that have been reinterpreted in a series of built prototypes.