B.O.B. / Beyond Ordinary Bricks

Location: ASA Forum, Impact Arena, Bangkok + Makkasan Airport Link, Bangkok
Type: Installation / Competition
Status: 2nd Place
Year: April 2018 Collaborators: K. Kitwirat, T. Panichakan

'Embracing the topic proposed by the 2018 Asa Forum, Vernacular architecture is considered as a complex reality emerging at the interaction of many aspects essential to a specific society, like climate, social structure, living patterns, local economies and skills, availability of resources, local beliefs, tastes, and symbology, among many others.

Paul Oliver, in his extensive encyclopedia, argues that, on top of material and climatic contingencies, the very core of vernacular architecture lies in being done by people and for people.  “The dwellings and all other buildings of the people. Related to their environmental contexts and available resources they are customarily owned or community built, utilizing traditional technologies. All form of vernacular architecture are built to meet specific needs, accommodating the values, economic and ways of life of the cultures that produce them”.

In line to the exhibitions guidelines requested by ASA and to the reflections stated above, B.O.B. proposed an Open Call to all INDA students to produce “beyond ordinary bricks” , made by INDA’s local resources, tastes, skills and personal beliefs.

Students were welcome to participate as a fundamental part in the making of the pavilion, producing bricks made using accumulated materials from past projects, like printed drawings, part of models,  fragments, waste or unused material from those experienced processes.

The proposal was to build a simple, and to insert content in it. The bricks were assembled using a “reversible” construction methods, proposing alternative “bonding” techniques, and  integrating and interlocking students’ works within the wall itself.