Domestic Tastes

Location: La Triennale, Milan, Italy
Type: Installation
Year: January - April 2018 Collaborators: K. Kitwirat, T. Panichakan, E. Sangpradab
Students: P. Itthisang, C. Kaewudom, P. Kaopatumtip, P. Keereewan, K. Kieatkhajornrit, R. Lamlertsuk, T. Manorotkul, T. Mekpanuwat, N. Mongkoldet, S. Nakmontanakum, P. Phannachet, M. Rosam, T. Sarochsuwan, L. Sirirat, P. Sonkom, K. Suthamanuswong, N. Tantivanich, P. Thamma, P. Vacharanukulkiet, T. Vimonanupong, P. Wongmesak, R. Yibmontasiri
Photography: Davide Calafa’
999 Video Trailers: Propp
Webpage : www.bkkdomestictastes.com

'Bangkok Domestic Tastes: a Tailored Speculation' is a ‘tapestry’ that reflects on the promotion and marketing strategies of the real estate market in Bangkok, through playful narrative techniques.

Developed in a workshop with 2nd year students of INDA Chulalongkorn University, It represents nine existing neighborhoods, aiming to reflect on the ‘lifestyle’ that each ‘condo’ constructs, promotes, 'renders' and sells.

It highlights a disconnection between the standardized physical products, the ‘built’ apartments, and their immaterial counterparts, the variegated lifestyles described in explicit and catching advertising.

The graphic realization is inspired by the representation techniques, color palettes, and composition of Thai traditional mural paintings, including hybridizations of typical urban animals, recalling the iconography of folkloric mythological creatures.

The artwork has been modeled in 3d, transposed in elevation oblique, colored and blended in vector graphic softwares, to later get printed on cotton canvas with the addition of CNC embroidered elements, allowing to include materials and colors important in Thai context, like gold and different textiles.

'Bangkok Domestic Tastes: a Tailored Speculation' presents a critical yet playful journey through the city, while reflecting on how some of its important components evolve and shape its life patterns.